Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Die Cuts used In "Incentive Charts" or as a way of "Choosing Names"

Die cuts don't have to be for scrapbooking or card making only.
This poster is being used as a way to choose who will be the teacher's helper.
This was very simple to make. I got on-line and searched for a vase, printed and cut it out. I then took green paper and used scissors that cut wavy lines to use as the stems. If you don't have scissors that do that - straight stems would work just fine. I added a few bugs then I had the poster board laminated. I then used craft velcro dots and pressed one side of the dots along the stems. The other half of velcro was placed on the backside of the flowers where I had written the names of the children.

This idea could also be made and used on a smaller scale. For example each of your children could have their own vase, which would have 4 spots where flowers could be attached. They would be given flowers with jobs printed or pictured on the backside. Their vase would become full of flowers as they completed their jobs.

If interested in purchasing diecuts in large quantities (25) contact us through our website "contact-link" to check for availability and bulk pricing.

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