Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Memories are PRICELESS!

My "Insanity" comes from keeping up with 5 scrapbooks!!

It's amazing how our memories are linked to smells, places, sounds and I believe the most powerful memory reminder is pictures.

I have preserved my children's lives chronologically in their scrapbooks. All the many many hours I've spent on their scrapbooks has been worth it!

It's a lot of fun for me to watch my children take a trip down memory lane using their scrapbooks as a guide.

My oldest son pictured here is holding all but one of his scrapbooks. He's on his way over to his fiancé to share with her his childhood. He told me afterwards that he could have spent hours talking about the pictures, because it brought back so many memories.

Confession time.....I'm behind on all my boys scrapbooks by at least 1 year or so. Then my husband's and mine is 3 to 4 years behind!! My website
has been keeping me very busy - I am however looking forward to using the hundreds of items in my inventory to get caught up. I'll post my "instant page" creations as they evolve.
My motto: "Keep it simple and inexpensive!"

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